domingo, noviembre 04, 2012

Kiss - MTV Unplugged & Uncut

Sony Studios, N.Y. 8/9/95 This is NOT the version on Kissology 3. This has many more outtakes in correct chronology. Comin' Home Plaster Caster Goin' Blind Do You Love Me? Domino x3 Got To Choose (Only on the video, and vinyl versions) Sure Know Something A World Without Heroes x2 Hard Luck Woman (Only released on Kissology 3) Rock Bottom See You Tonight x3 I Still Love You Comin' Home (Again) x2 Plaster Caster (Again) Do You Love Me? (Again) Every Time I Look At You x3 Songs played during set change: Heaven's On Fire Spit C'mon and Love Me God of Thunder (country rendition) 2,000 Man x3 Beth x4 Nothin' to Lose Rock and Roll All Nite Louie, Louis Rock and Roll All Nite x3